Farewell, Methacton!

I will always treasure the past two years of worshiping, working and walking with you during the interim period.

I am still pondering this special time and the farewell on Sunday.

My prayers are with you. I am excited about what comes next for you as Pastor Sandy takes the baton.

Many, many thanks to you.

– Fred

In the words of the Apostle Paul: I am confident of this: that the one who began a good work among you will bring it to completion… Philippians 1:6a 

Sandy Drescher-Lehman accepts the call to serve as our pastor!

 Sandy Drescher-Lehman

On Sunday, June 12th, in a unanimous vote, Methacton extended a call to Pastor Sandy Drescher-Lehman to serve as our pastor, and she has responded with a sense of excitement.  Please read her introduction below and her greetings to us under “About us / Our New Pastor.”

We are grateful to God for leading Pastor Sandy to us, and we are grateful to the Pastoral Search Team for their diligence and commitment to this important task.

Please lift Sandy and our congregation in prayer as we prepare for her to begin her ministry among us the second Sunday of September this year.

Sandy’s bio

Sandy is a Pastor, Social Worker, Writer and Spiritual Director who becomes energized by being with people, riding bike, baking bread, reading, “doing coffee” and any reason to have a party! She’s written several devotional books as a way of connecting with her own spiritual journey and offering the companionship of that journey to others. She loves to use colors and symbols and words to help people connect to a deeper awareness of God.  After growing up mostly in SW PA and then graduating from Eastern Mennonite University, she went into voluntary service with the VA Mission Board and then with the Mission Board in Elkhart, IN.

Moving to Richmond, VA to attend seminary, she soon married John and they eventually had two children, Maria, now 26 YO, and Jonathan, now 23 YO and married to Brittany.  They lived in Richmond for 20 years, where Sandy worked as a chaplain in several different prisons, as a social worker with homeless women and children, as a co-director, with John, of a Discipleship Voluntary Service program, and in 2 different mental health crisis units.

Since moving to Green Lane, PA in 2000, she has been the Pastor of Worship and Pastoral Care at Souderton Mennonite Church, while also receiving training from the Kairos School of Christian Formation to be a Spiritual Director.  She and John have also been developing a Contemplative Spiritual Retreat Center, FernRock Retreat (fernrockretreat.org) on the grounds where they live and welcome people looking for space to spend time with God in the solitude of the nearby woods and creek, birds and prayers of all those who have gone before.

She’s very excited about the possibilities of serving as the next pastor of Methacton Mennonite Church!


Delayed a week by rain. Luke Beidler, Ron Kolb-Wyckoff and Hapte Mengistu plant flowers around the church, a community activity that we traditionally do on Mothers Day.

Delayed a week by rain. Luke Beidler, Ron Kolb-Wyckoff and Hapte Mengistu plant flowers around the church, a community activity that we traditionally do on Mothers Day.


Brother Tom, we miss your gracious presence among us, even as we wonder what amazing things you are witnessing now in God’s presence.

 Pall bearers with the casket of our brother, Thomas Lepera, Monday, April 4, 2016 photo 2

April 4, 2016:  Pall bearers carry the casket of our brother, Thomas Lepera, to the grave site in the Methacton Cemetery.





 December 27th

Pastor Juan Marrero,  from Crossroads Community Center in Philadelphia.

Afghans to CCC.4

Pastor Juan, the Executive Director of Crossroads in North Philadelphia, preached at Methacton. During worship Tiana Martinez presented him with 25 afghans for Crossroads. Tiana and two other women (from New Jersey and Nebraska) crocheted and knitted  the afghans.  Crossroads will give them to low income seniors who often cannot afford to keep their homes warm. Tiana was inspired to launch this “one stitch at a time” ministry when Pastor Juan preached at Methacton in November 2014.

Afghans to CCC


December 6th

Centro visit

Pastors Letty and Fernando Loyola

On December 6th, Pastors Letty Castro and Fernando Loyola and others from Centro de Alabanza joined us for a special, encouraging worship service.  Pastor Letty brought the message, and her husband, pastor Fernando, interpreted.  ¡Muchas gracias a los hermanos/as de Centro de Alabanza!


Centro visit.4Centro visit (2)

Pastor Fernando & Greta Mast serve communion          “Paco” on the guitar


photo (28)

“Freedom Bound” is the theme for Advent.  We are on a journey into a future that God knows and there is a path we need to follow. During this time of transition, pray that we remain open and attentive to God’s call.


During October and November we studied the story of Nehemiah as recorded in Scripture. He served as “cup bearer,” a position of great trust, for Persian King Artexerxes.  A Jew, he grieved when he learned of the continued desolation of Jerusalem, 140+ years after it had been sacked by Babylonians.

Nehemiah spent four months praying and seeking God’s will as he grieved.  Then he risked his job (and his life) when he told the king the reason for his sadness. He further asked for a leave of absence and the resources needed to repair the city.  He inspired the dejected people of greater Jerusalem to rebuild the gates and repair the walls.

Following his example, as a church we grieve hurtful experiences of the past, value the variety of people involved in the project, identify threats to our community, and celebrate.

And, during Sunday school groups, we are seeking what is God calling us to be and to do at Methacton Mennonite. A working statement of purpose for us is:


God, who has revealed himself in history, is still active.  What does God want to do in and through us? Pray that we may have ears to hear and hearts to respond.



Saturday, November 21st

Long time member Elmer Brunk and 14 others raked leaves and did a fall clean up

Long time member Elmer Brunk and 14 others showed up to rake leaves and do a fall clean up day.Many thanks to Luke Bergey for saving us a lot of work!

Many thanks to Luke for saving a lot of sore backs!!!

Ron uses Kiangos handy leaf blower on the flat roof an eaves

Ron uses Kiango’s handy leaf blower on the flat roof and eaves



Methacton Mennonite Church, the little white church on Mill Road, Worcester Township, opens its heart and its doors to everyone. Methacton strives to build in our community a Christian congregation for worship, to live the Christian life and in all ways nurture the Kingdom of God. We believe worship includes an opportunity to honor and thank God, to privately confess and be forgiven our mistakes, to find meaning and direction for life, and to be a part of a group of people with similar joys, struggles, and needs.

Join us for worship. Take part in our fellowship.  Share in our search for genuine spirituality.  Help discern what it means to live out our faithful response to God’s call.

We believe that God works through people and calls each of us to make a difference in the world by the way we live. We share joys and sorrows, hopes and hurts, aspirations and disappointments with one another in the context of a caring community. We welcome you to join with us in the pilgrimage of faith.

Jesus has risen!  The kingdom that he proclaimed continues to emerge!  We’ve got work to do!